Tips for Pet Fur and Odor Free Home

There are so many pet-friendly and pet-eliminating products that can become your favorite essentials for your home, especially for new pet owners. Many pets tend to shed fur more than others, knowing your pet and their shed level is important while keeping your home pet fur and odor free. These few essentials will help eliminate […]

Pet-Friendly Essentials for Your Car

Rather you’re traveling with your dog a short or long distance it’s important to pack these essentials. When traveling with a cat the most important things to have are.

Easy At-Home D.I.Y Cat Toys

Cat toys are easy to D.I.Y with just a few in-home items. Grab these few items to make some fun toys for your sweet cat that will keep them occupied! Cat-Nip Sock From: Materials: Steps: Cat Wand From: Materials: Steps: Catnip Yarn Balls From: Materials: Steps: Ultimate Kitty Puzzle/Pinball From: Materials Steps: Peek-a-boo Puzzle From: […]

Popular Cat Breed: Domestic Long Hair

Average Height: 12 inches Average Weight: 8-15 pounds Life Expectancy: 12-18 years Breed Colors: Personality: Longhaired Domestic cats are known hunters, keeping them indoors will also protect the furry and feathered creatures from getting inside your home. They are best for first-time cat owners, families with children and other pets, and also owners willing to groom their cats. Grooming: Brush […]

The Human – Animal Bond

By the AVMA definition, the human animal bond is a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and their pets.

Feline Vaccinations


Distemper. Distemper is very contagious and widespread in cats. It causes severe vomiting and diarrhea that is often fatal, especially in kittens. Rhinotracheitis. Rhinotracheitis is a virus that causes fever, runny eyes and nose, and sneezing. It can be fatal, and often occurs at the same time as a calicivirus infection. Calicivirus. Calicivirus causes similar symptoms as rhinotracheitis […]

Feline Nutrition


There are two diseases in cats that are directly related to feeding improper diets: heart failure from taurine deficiency and feline urologic syndrome (FUS) or feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD). There are probably others that the veterinary community have not yet discovered. Taurine is an amino acid. Amino acids are the building blocks of […]

Litterbox Training for Kittens


Litterbox training your new kitten is really quite simple. Most kittens will start using the litterbox immediately. Start out by obtaining a good commercial litterbox (with or without a cover), put in about an inch of kitty litter, and show your kitten where it is. There are several types of litter to choose from including, […]

Intestinal Parasites (Worms)

How To Keep Our Kittens and Ourselves Safe Roundworms are very long, spaghetti-like worms. Puppies and kittens contract roundworms in utero or from nursing. They can cause poor growth, a pot-bellied appearance, and diarrhea. In severe cases roundworms can cause blockage of the intestines. Hookworms are a parasite that feeds on blood from the intestinal […]

New Kitten Checklist


Jefferson Animal Hospital has provided you with a checklist of things you will need when getting your new kitten! Litter Box Have 1 for every cat plus 1 more Use a nonscented clumping litter. (The smaller the grain size the happier the kitty) Clean at least 2 times daily The larger the better Cats prefer […]

Feline Leukemia


Q. What is Feline Leukemia? A. Leukemia is a highly fatal blood cell cancer that is contagious between cats. It is a leading cause of cat deaths and, until now, there has been no prevention or cure. The name “Feline Leukemia Virus” (FeLV) gives merely a hint of just how much trouble this contagious virus […]

Why is Feline Dental Care Important?


Good dental care must start now because your pet needs to get used to having his mouth and teeth handled. Home care can help to minimize the tartar that builds up on the teeth and keeps the gums healthy. Home care and regular veterinary dental cleaning will keep your cat’s mouth healthy. Prevention Brushing – This […]

First-Aid Kit for Pets

Suggested Items For Your Kitten’s First-Aid Kit: 2 rolls of 3” gauze bandage 3” X 3” gauze sponges Nonstick adhesive tape Nonstick bandages Antibiotic ointment (e.g. Neosporin, Animax) Water soluble lubricating jelly (e.g. K-Y Brand)- to take temperatures and to keep debris out of open wounds Sterile saline solution (e.g. those used for contact lenses) […]

Information on Fleas and Heartworm Prevention

Jefferson Animal Hospital

Fleas – How To Keep Them Away Fleas are a parasite that feed on blood from dogs, cats, and even humans at times! Adult fleas living and feeding on your pet make up only 1% of the flea’s life cycle. The other 99% of the flea’s life time is spent as eggs, larvae, and pupae […]

Common Pet Toxins

Jefferson Animal Hospital

Household Items Bleach Disinfectants Fabric Softener Tobacco Products Lighter Fluid Rat and Mouse Poison Insect Products Potpourri Solvents Oven Cleaner Foods Chocolate Onions and Onion Powder Coffee Grapes Garlic Alcohol Tea Leaves Macadamia Nuts Raisins Salt Gum and Candy Xylitol, (Sugar Substitute)/Sugar Free Gum Avocado Medications Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Acetaminophen Cold and Flu Medications Diet Pills […]