Adult Dog & Cat Care

Adult Pet Wellness Care

At Jefferson Animal Hospitals, we are strong proponents of proactive wellness care for your pet.  We recommend that all pets undergo a complete wellness exam twice a year. Wellness exams include a physical exam, customized vaccine schedules that reflect your pet’s individual needs, proper food/nutrition and screening tests for diseases.  For cats, this includes testing for diseases such as feline leukemia and feline FIV.

Keeping your pet in good health means giving them a healthy quality of life and keeping a long-lasting connection with them.  Pets are masters at hiding signs of illness or pain and annual wellness exams are critical in detecting any health problem your pet may be experiencing early, when treatment is most effective.  Your observations from home are a large part of the custom wellness plan best suited for your pet based on their unique needs, including age, lifestyle (indoor or outdoor pet), medical history, and current medical health.

Annual Wellness and Preventative Care for Your Adult Pet includes:

  • Complete Physical Exam and Consultation
  • Dental exam and treatment recommendations
  • Annual Blood Tests
  • Vaccinations
  • Nutritional Needs Consultation
  • Weight Management as Needed

MediPet Plus Health Care Wellness Plans

We also offer MediPet Plus Health Care Wellness Plans for pets of all ages.  These plans offer every pet owner the opportunity to care for your pet while saving time and money.  Each plan provides discounted preventive veterinary services for one year and may be upgraded to a different plan if the need arises.  For more information about these pages, please visit our MediPet Plus Health Care Wellness Plan web pages.