Digital Radiology

Jefferson Animal Hospitals is proud to be able to offer Digital Radiology which provides higher quality images for your pet’s medical care.

Digital Radiology is a non-invasive procedure to obtain views of your pet’s internal organs. We use these x-rays to examine your pet’s teeth, lungs, abdominal organs, and bones.

Benefits of Digital Radiology

Digital imaging is a big improvement over traditional forms of x-rays. It not only provides much sharper images but can be manipulated to show much greater detail of the problem area, can be emailed to you or to a specialist, and can be viewed immediately without waiting for processing.

This also eliminates the need to repeat an x-ray due to poor exposure, which reduces your pet’s exposure to radiation. Digital is also more environmentally green since we don’t use processing chemicals and we don’t use film. We will provide you with a CD of the image and/or we can send you the image by email.