Tips for Pet Fur and Odor Free Home


There are so many pet-friendly and pet-eliminating products that can become your favorite essentials for your home, especially for new pet owners. Many pets tend to shed fur more than others, knowing your pet and their shed level is important while keeping your home pet fur and odor free.

These few essentials will help eliminate fur around the house.

  1. Swifter/Dust Mop – There are pet specific kind that are made for capturing stubborn pet fur.
  2. Vacuum Daily – If your pet sheds often this will help.
  3. Duster- There are pet specific kind that are great for capturing pet fur.
  4. Groom Dog Frequently – This can help your pet from shedding lots of fur.
  5. Lint Roller – There are many sized lint rollers including one big enough for your couch and bed.

These items will help keep home odor-free.

  1. Febreze – There is a pet odor defense spray that is great for your furniture.
  2. Carpet Cleaner – Getting rid of any spots made by your pet can help take away odor.
  3. Carpet Freshener – This can give your carpet a new smell. There are spray, foam, and powder fresheners.
  4. Automatic air freshener – These can be set to a 5 min, 8 min, or 30 min duration elimination smells over time without you lifting a finger.

Hope these few tips help!