New Kitten Checklist

Download Pdf Here

Jefferson Animal Hospital has provided you with a checklist of things you will need when getting your new kitten!

  • Litter Box
    • Have 1 for every cat plus 1 more
    • Use a nonscented clumping litter. (The smaller the grain size the happier the kitty)
    • Clean at least 2 times daily
    • The larger the better
    • Cats prefer an uncovered litter box
  • High quality kitten food
    • Feed less
    • Less stool
    • Better overall health
  • Toys (especially for cats)
    • Keep kitty entertained when you’re away
    • Help prevent foreign body surgeries
  • Vaccinations
    • Keeps kitty from getting potentially deadly disease
  • Flea and Heartworm prevention
    • Keeps away pesky fleas
    • Protect pets from intestinal parasites (worms)
    • Keeps pet safe from deadly heartworm disease (transmitted by mosquito)
  • First aid kit
    • Helps in emergency situations
  • Dental care
    • Toothbrush (brush daily)
  • Declawing
    • Cat will have to be indoors only for the rest of its life
  • socialization
    • So kitty doesn’t hide every time someone comes over