Why is Feline Dental Care Important?

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Good dental care must start now because your pet needs to get used to having his mouth and teeth handled. Home care can help to minimize the tartar that builds up on the teeth and keeps the gums healthy. Home care and regular veterinary dental cleaning will keep your cat’s mouth healthy.


  • Brushing – This can be accomplished with a soft washcloth, or a soft pediatric tooth brush, or a finger brush.
  • Toothpaste – You can’t use human toothpaste with your cat because they will swallow it! There are special pet toothpastes that are safe to use, and willtaste good to your cat or dog too!
  • Diet – There is a diet made by Hills called T/D. This diet is very hard and crunchy. It is specially designed to scrape the plaque from the teeth with every bite! You can give these as treats.
  • Treats – There are several different treats that we recommend that will help your cat’s teeth. You can use the T/D diet as a treat or there are C.E.T. chews available for both cats and dogs!