Certified Low Stress Patient Handling

Low Stress Veterinary Exams at Jefferson Animal Hospital Fern Creek

We have been certified to provide low stress medical care for your pets.

Why is this important and what makes us different from other hospitals?

Most of our patients already love to come us because we are “the treat place”.  However, many pet owners are reluctant to bring their pets in because they have had negative experiences.  Their pets have been difficult to get to the vet and then are extremely stressed while at the hospital.  Sadly, they don’t want to even bring them in when they are sick because it is so difficult to even get them in the car.  A delay in having a sick pet seen can lead to more serious illness and more costly treatment.  We work with you to help create a positive experience that allows your pet an opportunity to receive timely medical visits.

Our staff has completed a rigorous training program by Dr. Sophia Yin, the author of Low Stress Pet care.

By using her techniques, we strive to create a calm, safe and secure environment for your pet.   We understand how every interaction with humans affects an animal’s perception of you and their willingness to cooperate.  Animals often don’t understand human language and mis-communication can cause them to become frustrated, confused and then pets can get hurt when they are struggling.   There is a better and easier way. Low Stress Handling techniques eliminate fear by using treats, blankets or towels and soft voices. This creates a hospital environment that is inviting to your pet so they can remain healthy for a longer, happier life with you. These techniques are pet-friendly and we have already been using them for years.

Jefferson Animal Hospital Fern Creek also uses stress reducing pheromones, including Adapilfor dogs and Feliway for cats, to provide pets a calm and soothing environment.

This certification process is new and we are one of only a few hospitals in the country to complete the course. 

Do you remember what your old typical trip to the vet was like?

Your dog is panting, pacing and drooling the entire ride to the hospital.  When you arrive in the parking lot, they become even more nervous.  After fastening their leash, you begin the tug of war to get them into the building. As they are approached by a stranger, they go right to full alert:  barking, growling, jumping and trying to get away.   You’re stressed, maybe a bit embarrassed because he doesn’t do this at home, and your pet is so agitated that you know he’ll never trust you to get in the car again.  

Before Low Stress Interactions

Notice the photo of Louie before our Low Stress Interactions.   Notice his ears laid back, stiff posture, challenging and not trusting. 

Now fast forward to an experience with our staff who are  trained in LOW STRESS patient care .  Your pet can’t get in the building fast enough.  Ears are up, tails are wagging, and he’s curious and excited about what’s about to happen.  The first person you see greets you with a smile and a biscuit for    our patient. After a quick walk in to the exam room, we use body language that your pet can understand.  We will make your pet comfortable and that’s the key to being able to provide a safe and thorough physical exam.

After Low Stress Interactions

Louie After Appointment

This is Louie after a few visits and his mom could not be any happier.

Louie’s feline family member also comes to see us.  Cats deserve the same medical care as their canine counterparts.  We can help take the chore out of getting your cat to the vet.  From getting them into a carrier all the way to their ride back home, we can help you reduce their stress (and yours).  Ask us about our Cat Comfort pack if you have a particularly frisky feline.

Whether you are aware of it or not, every interaction with a pet is a training session. We approach every visit as an opportunity to strengthen the bond between you and your pet. Using low stress techniques, along with paying attention to nuances of timing and interpreting body language help establish a trusting relationship between humans and pets.  We can teach you how to use techniques that strengthen your connection with your pet and ensure that they have the happiest and healthiest life possible.