Pet Dermatology

Pet Skin Problems – Diagnosis and Treatment

When your dog or cat continually engages in excessive scratching, licking, or chewing a particular area of his or her body, it is more than likely an indication that something is wrong and a visit to Jefferson Animal Hospital is in order. While these activities can be an indication of a more serious health problem, the diagnosis in most cases will likely be a problem with your pet’s skin. Veterinary dermatology deals with those problems involving your pet’s skin.

Frequently, the cause of skin problems in pets is minor and easily treatable. Skin problems are often an allergic reaction to something in your pet’s environment, a reaction to a bite from a flea or other insect, or a reaction to something in the pet’s diet.

In addition to diet and allergic reactions to environmental factors, your pet’s skin issues may be due to other things, such as immune system problems; bacterial, yeast, or fungal infections; or various internal disorders.