Eye Care

Caring for Your Pet’s Eyesight

While generally not a major condition seen by veterinarians, your pet’s eyes are important and can have problems that require treatment. Fortunately, most pet eye problems are minor and treatable. However, when the eyes are involved, it is important to seek treatment from a veterinarian immediately as delays can result in a more serious condition or even blindness.

Diagnosing Eye Conditions in Pets

Jefferson Animal Hospital uses a TONOPEN instrument to check your pet’s eye pressure for glaucoma. This is extremely important for some breeds (Bulldogs, Pekinese, or any brachycephalic breed) who are prone to glaucoma. Early detection can prevent blindness.

Schirmer Tear Strips check the amount of moisture in your pet’s eyes. Lack of tear production (dry eye or Keratitis Sicca) can cause blindness in your pet. This is a simple test and should be done annually or semi-annually on susceptible breeds (poodles, schnauzers, and all brachycephalic breeds).

Our ophthalmic exam will look for early cataracts, retinal disease , and other ocular diseases that can be diagnosed and treated to preserve your pet’s vision.