Essential Items for Dogs on Rainy Days


It’s rainy outside but your dog needs to go for a walk or outside to go to the bathroom. Spring showers are here meaning it’s raining more often and you might not want to take your dog out. Here are a few essentials to have or take with you on those rainy days.

  1. Raincoat- A raincoat can prevent your dog from getting wet. Especially if your dog has a long coat of fur.
  2. Rain boots – Surprisingly there are rain boots for dogs as well! These boots can prevent your dog’s paws from getting wet and dirty. It also will help keep them warm as rainy days can tend to be cool.
  3. Mud Buster – This is a great gadget for cleaning your dog’s paws when they come inside. It’s an easy way to get the mud and dirt off without making a mess.
  4. Dog wipes – These are great for removing any dirt that’s on your dog or just wanting to freshen them up.
  5. Dry towel – Have a towel ready when your dog comes in so you can dry them off. Wet fur can be cold on a dog and leave an odor.
  6. Waterproof leash and harness. – You don’t want to bring in your home a dripping leash and harness after a walk.

It’s okay and easy to get out there and take your dog on a quick walk with these few essentials.