3 Tips for Outdoor Play in Cold Weather

Cold weather can be ruff on us and our pets, but they still need to get some exercise! Here are 3 quick tips for getting through cold weather with your dogs. Clothing Get a jacket or sweater for your dog to use on especially cold days. Some pooches need a jacket when it’s 40 outside […]

Welcoming Your New Cat Home

by Tabitha Mead Cats are a great addition to the family. Whether it’s your first or fourth cat, there’s always more to learn. Cats are usually fairly low maintenance but there are still adjustments to be made to prepare for them. They’re independent, but can be loving companions!  From vet appointments, things to buy, and […]

Dog Park Etiquette

by Tabitha Mead In the past ten years, dog parks have taken off and grown exponentially in popularity in the US, including here in Louisville, Kentucky. What has been the cause of this? I think I may have a few safe guesses; dogs are increasingly being seen as part of the family, adults postponing parenthood […]

Summer Tips for Dogs

Summer is a time almost all of us look forward to. There are more people at the dog parks, restaurants open up dog-friendly patio areas, hiking is more appealing since there’s no snow on the ground, and who could forget arguably one of the “coolest” summer activities;  swimming!  Though summer can be a time full […]