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Medipet Plus for Puppies and Kittens

MediPet Plus Wellness Plans for Puppies and Kittens

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MediPet Plus Wellness Plans for Puppies and Kittens Overview

MediPet Plus Wellness Plan for Puppies and Kittens - Jefferson Animal Hospital

Puppies and kittens inherit a natural immunity from their mother that protects them from birth until about 6 weeks of age.  After 6 weeks, your puppy or kitten depends on you to continue that protection until their own immune system is fully developed.  Our MediPet Plus Wellness Plan is designed provide all the health care services necessary to carry your young pet through the important first year of life.  The plan includes all necessary examinations, vaccines, laboratory tests, and other services needed in the first year.  If your pet has not been spayed or neutered, our Gold Plan includes the pre-surgical bloodwork, hospitalization for the day, surgical procedure, and the re-check examination.  For maximum protection we recommend you enroll your pet as soon as you bring your pet home, or between 8 weeks and 5 months of age.

As a member of the MediPet Plus Wellness Plan for Puppies and Kittens, you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Low exam Co-Pay for scheduled examinations
  • All necessary vaccines and tests
  • 12 affordable monthly payments
  • And much more!

Choosing a Plan for Your Pet

Every plan includes all necessary wellness exams, vaccines, lab tests, and other services essential to protecting your pet against illness and disease. Our gold plan includes the costs of spay/neuter surgery. After a discount on services, we split that cost into 12 affordable monthly payments (automatically drafted, for your convenience). Throughout the year, you can come in and take advantage of any of the services your plan covers with ease and no worries. There is no obligation- you can cancel your plan at any time!

We have many happy clients and healthy pets enrolled in our MediPet Plus Wellness Plans for Puppies and Kittens!

Call our office for more information, or to enroll your pet and start saving today!

*Some exclusions apply – diagnostic exams must be scheduled.

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